Brian J. Hall
Brian J. Hall




Senior Director of Engineer

DeCurtis Corporation

Built cutting-edge Location & Proximity platform with over 60 unique modules for safety, tracking, hospitality and monitoring. Offline data-synchronization between remote (and mobile) environments and cloud-based infrastructure. Bluetooth nearby data-meshing for per-device data redundancy in the absence of WiFi networking.

Realtime position and direction tracking in a moving environment using iBeacon trilateration and broadcast proximities.

Managed 4 teams of Engineers, QA, CI/CD, and DevOps to develop and maintain dozens of applications with continuous deployment to multiple client infrastructures, both cloud-based and on-premises.



Dual Brain, Inc.

Partnered with client agencies to build custom white-label apps and media for their B2B clientele. Managed a team of in-house and contract creatives and developers to build web and mobile apps, 2D and 3D animation, videos and presentations using a variety of techniques, workflows and management tools as requested by each agency.

Oversaw and managed a team of remote developers across an array of projects, tech stacks, languages and environments.

Our versatility was our ability to adapt to fit into each agency's distinct production pipeline in as large or small of a role as was necessary to stay on time and budget.


Director of Development

tm+r Agency

Managed a in-house development team to develop custom interactive digital experiences and social media apps. Brand development, Web UI/UX, and advertising revenue/analytics. Developed brand strategy and statistics systems, CGI, animation and compositing with digital video for broadcast, cinema, cable and streaming.


Lead Developer

Blue Marlin Group

Lead website developer for websites using HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, Flash, XML, MS-SQL, MySQL and Access. Also responsible for all animation, CGI and video production for television and web.




Co-founded the areas first website development, hosting and internet-service provider. Websites built directly in HTML (pre-dated CSS) or with simple PERL backends and flat-file based databases. Networking with either T1 or ISDN telephony. Hosting on in-house Unix server clusters. Real antiques.

Also survived Y2K. Sure, you laugh now, but people seriously expected planes to start falling out of the skies and their appliances to turn against them. The 90's were wild...