Brian J. Hall
Brian J. Hall
Brian J. Hall
Brian J. Hall

Yo! I'm Brian.

I've been coding since the mid-nineties, when most people only had a modem and America Online from a floppy disk. I'm a developer of websites, app, and games, as well as an illustrator and animator. I do a bit of everything (aside from music - I'm entirely tone-deaf).

Over the past decade, I've held the role of an engineering manager, overseeing multiple development teams (large and small) concurrently on separate projects.

I've worked for in-house development teams, partnered and consulted with agencies, and directly with customers, contractors and my own employees.

I work well managing a team, or simply being a part of one. So let me join yours!

What I Do

Engineering Management

Multiple Simultaneous Teams, Processes, Projects and Tech-Stacks.

Web Development

React.js, Next.js, Astro.js, Vue.js, NodeJS, Bun, Vite, Express, Drizzle, Prisma ORM, MySQL, Postgres, and HTML5/CSS3

App Development

Android and iOS apps; Java, React Native, Ionic, Capacitor, Cordova


2D and 3D animation, modeling, rigging, shading, lighting, FX and compositing

Quick Facts

Programming Languages